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Columbus, MS 39703
Meetings: Every Wed. at 12:00 ·Lion Hills Golf Club, Dining Room ·Columbus, MS·Telephone: 662-352-6365
Club History

Kiwanis Club of Columbus


Date Event
1915 First Kiwanis Club chartered in Detroit, Michigan on 01/21/1915
1919 First Kiwanis Club chartered in what will become the Louisiana-Mississippi District, in New Orleans, LA, on 03/29/1919 
1919 First Kiwanis Club in the state of Mississippi is formed in Jackson on 04/21/1919
1920 The Louisiana-Mississippi District was formed on 01/09/1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana
1921 Kiwanis Club of Columbus officially completed on 04/28/1921, which is our official anniversary date
1921 Charter Presentation Date 07/12/1921
1921 Dr. Jesse C. Rowan becomes the club's first president, while John C. Slaughter becomes the first secretary
1923 First known by-laws were adopted 08/22/1923 and approved 10/23/1923; document signed by President R. E. Johnston and Secretary L. E. Lide
1925 Sponsored the formation of the Corinth, MS, club
1928 Sponsored the formation of the West Point, MS, club (no longer in existence)
1929 Sponsored the formation of the Amory, MS, club
1931 Harry Redwood begins his term as District Governor, the only club member to attain this office
1938 Western Tennessee added to District on 11/04/1938, to form the LA-MS-WTN District
1944 The first annual Easter Sunrise Community Service held 04/09/1944
1948 The LA-MS-WTN District is divided into 8 divisions, with our club being placed into Division 2
1951 The first annual "Worthy Boys" summer camp sponsored by Kiwanis was held at Camp Pratt in the summer of 1951
1952 The first annual Kiwanis Bowl Game was held on 09/06/1952, featuring the football teams of two area junior colleges
1953 Club name changed from the "Columbus Kiwanis Club" to the "Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Mississippi", by an amendment to the charter, 08/12/1953
1954 The first annual Minstrel Show was performed at Franklin Auditorium on 12/03/1954
1956 35th Anniversary Celebration 04/19/1956
1961 John R. Henry assumed the presidency in January 1961, while his father Dr. Taylor H. Henry was president in 1924, creating the first such father-son duo
1961 Sponsored the formation of the Magnolia Kiwanis Club (Columbus, MS), which was organized 11/21/1961
1963 Charter night for new Circle K Club at MSU, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, on 04/18/1963
1963 Club begins meeting at the Parish House of St. Paul's Episcopal Church (the Gilmer Hotel was torn down) on 05/02/1963
1963 Club begins meeting at the YMCA later in 1963
1964 In a reorganization of the divisions of the LA-MS-WTN District, the Kiwanis Club of Columbus is placed into Division 10, which remains our division today
1964 Charles L. "Chief" Garnett resigns from the club 07/02/1964, the last remaining active member of the original charter members in 1921
1964 Sponsored the formation of the Starkville, MS, club on 07/24/1964
1964 The first installment of the "Travel and Adventure Series" was held at the Joe Cook Auditorium on 11/02/1964, and was used as a fundraiser through 1972
1966 Club begins meeting at the Downtowner Motor Inn
1967 Club begins meeting at Sugg's Restaurant
1969 Club begins meeting at the Downtowner Motor Inn
1969 The Kiwanis year moves from January 1st to October 1st, per new international by-laws
1971 Club begins meeting at the Holiday Inn at 506 Highway 45 North on 02/04/1971
1971 Special 50th Anniversary meeting and program held 05/13/1971
1973 The first annual "Kiwanis Kapers" was held on 10/18/1973
1974 The first annual "Little Olympics" was held at the Magnolia Bowl on 05/18/1974
1975 The first Christmas Tree Sale as a fundraiser began in December 1975, running annually until the last sale in December 1986
1978 Charter night for the new Circle K Club at MUW, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, on 04/10/1978
1978 Sponsored the formation of the Aberdeen, MS, club, with the Charter Banquet on 07/29/1978
1980 The first Pancake Breakfast was held at Franklin Auditorium on 04/19/1980
1987 Kiwanis International passed a measure allowing women to become members of Kiwanis; our club's by-laws amended accordingly 04/21/1988
1992 First women inducted into the club: Sara Slatery, Mickey Joyce Parrish, and Joy Phillips
1996 75th Anniversary of the Columbus Kiwanis Club
2010 Internet website goes on-line in October 2010